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Was the Election Legitimate? … Even If All the Votes Weren’t Counted!

Was the Election Legitimate? … Even If All the Votes Weren’t Counted!

Russian Story Excuse for Democrats losing election

or perhaps it was the effect of Kris Kobach’s crosscheck program using tax payer dollars plus contributions from the Koch Bros & Co illegally purging 7.2 MILLION voters from the voter rolls.

Of these, 4.2 MILLION were disenfranchised voters who never knew their votes weren’t counted, and didn’t realize that it affected the outcome of the election!

Were all votes counted

Maybe that explains why he and the Republicans are so unpopular after implementing things they said they would. At what point will they discover that they’re not doing the people’s will because the outcome of the election does not reflect the will of all the people who lost their votes.

Swing states using crosscheck

Maybe they realize that our voting system has been compromised and will do something about it:

… maybe … but by putting Kris Kobach in charge they will make it even harder for non-Republican voters to vote.

So if you think this illegal denial of citizen’s right to vote is wrong,  contact your congressmen in Washington and have those involved prosecuted and fix our “sacred voting system” by insisting that paper ballots be used in all future elections so that votes can be physically counted, re-counted and audited!

Contact your Congressmen and women now!

Click here to send by eMail –>

or click here to lookup their address and other contact information and send by postal mail –>Congressmen contact info

or call them thru the DC switchboard –> [is_mobile]Contact your Congressmen by phone 202-456-1414  [/is_mobile][is_not_mobile] Contact your Congressmen by phone   202-456-1414 [/is_not_mobile]

and don’t let our democracy fade away.


They Didn’t Count All The Votes!

They Didn’t Count All The Votes!

President Trump and Republicans like to say that they are implementing their polices because they are doing the “will of the people” based on the electoral votes in November. And candidate Trump admitted that the voting is rigged. And it was. Not because of illegal voting but because millions of votes were NOT COUNTED. And the impact of this was a win for Trump and Republican congressmen.

Click here for more details on how this happened.

And check out this short video.

If you think this illegal denial of citizen’s right to vote is wrong, contact your state and federal congressmen and women and insist that those involved be prosecuted.  And make sure that paper ballots are used in all future elections so that votes can be physically counted, re-counted and audited!

Forget the Russians. It’s us!

Forget the Russians. It’s us!

“Forget the hacking stuff. Forget the conspiracy stuff. Forget the Russians… the ballots being thrown out and disqualified by the tens of thousands swamps Trump’s plurality in several states.” Greg Palast

“Could the throwing out of absentee ballots been combined with knocking people off the voter rolls combined with not counting their provisionals account for that difference?  Joy Reid

President Trump and other Republicans are fond of justifying their (draconian anti people/environment corporate favoring) policies by pointing to the “strong” electoral win they had in the election. And they mock the press and pollsters for “getting it wrong”.

But the only thing they got wrong was not accounting for the votes that the GOP made sure wouldn’t be counted. Clearly an assault on our very sacred election process !

The voting was rigged, but not because of 3 million illegal votes, but because of millions of votes that were never counted!

Yikes! Maybe John Lewis Was Legitimately Right!

Yikes! Maybe John Lewis Was Legitimately Right!

Congressman John Lewis boycotted the inauguration because he thought Trump’s presidency was illegitimate. It may well be, but not because of Russian influence. 

Thirty states participated in the “Crosscheck” program run by Kansas Republican Secretary State Kris Kobach, who put the kibosh on a lot of votes. People identified by the “Crosscheck” program were falsely assumed to be registered to vote in more than one state, and were therefore purged from the voting roles. When they went to vote, they were either outright denied their vote, or given “provisional” ballots that in most cases were never counted.

Voting Machines
Voting Machines

Trump complains that the polls got it all wrong – in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania the polls were from 90 to 100% favoring Clinton, yet Trump “won” all three states.

Or did he?